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Seed Exchange

The AGS organises one of the biggest society seed exchanges in the world. The main distribution takes place in December and January and surplus seed is sold later at shows.

Alpine Garden Society

2019-2020 Seed Exchange

This year will be the 68th AGS seed exchange.

The AGS Seed Exchange takes place every year. Around 5000 varieties of seed are donated by members during August, September and October. These are catalogued and then packeted by volunteers to make up over 100,000 packets. The seed list is printed and will be posted to all members at the end of November.  Members can then order seed from the list. The seed orders from donors are picked first and we aim to post out most of these before Christmas.  The seed orders from non-donors are then picked and sent out in January. When all the main orders are completed, we pick and send out orders for surplus seed.

The seed list will this year go live on the website in the last week of November 2019. Watch this website for exact dates.  On line ordering is now firmly established and is the recommended way to order your seed.  The internet system gives access to pictures of the plants, which has proved a very popular feature.

The online system saves a lot of time for the volunteers and the staff at Pershore, so we request you to use this system if at all possible. If you wish to use the online ordering system, you do not need to wait until you receive your posted copy.

If you do not have internet access, please don't worry as your order will be given the same priority as we allow time for post to reach all areas of the world before we start making up orders and priority is always given to donors, as without them, there would be no Seed Exchange.

Seed Lists

The Seed list will be available on this website for ordering online on 23rd November 2019.  Posted orders are being accepted now.

This year's Seed List will be available here as a pdf to view or download from the 23rd November 2019.  Previous years' Seed Lists are available to view, download or print.

Click on the link below to view online or download files:

AGS Seed Lists